IFX Corperate Culture Introduction

People said “we can success from zero of money, but we can never success from zero of culture. Culture is foundation, is business character, is the power of competition and is the motivations of each corporate’s development. IFX’s culture helps all staffs to verified their targets, directions, nature and meaning of their jobs.”

IFX’s culture creates the better relationship between each members also provides the comfortable and dynamic working environments in order to make all staffs proud of being a member of IFX.

Income is just a part of working motivations. When income reach to certain level, people are willing to challenge the new challenger to work in the equally, friendly and respectably working environments.

The successful of corporate is not only come from how much money they have or which strategy and technology they use, but also come from how the organizations of the staffs in that company. That’s culture. It’s not just only the outlook like signboard or slogan, but also the knowledge, regulations, protocols and trust…presents all in corporate’s mission, vision, business philosophy, core value, principals and standards of behavior for all members of IFX.